Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Currently in the process of getting ready for OBEY CONVENTION in Halifax, NS! We are doing a showcase on Sunday May 30th at Lost & Found on Agricola Street. It`s our 2 year BDay and the show is free. There is going to be sets from PIG, THE FRIENDLY DIMENSION, THE ETHER, and SELF SURGERY. The cost is ZERO BUCKS and there is going to be FREE dogs BBQed by Chik White, and DJing by Aaron Levin from WEIRD CANADA. There is also going to be FREE mixtapes that Ill be giving away. More info here:


Ill also have a few copies of our new compilation, entitled ROOFTOP GARDEN BBQ PARTY VOLUME 1. The idea for the name came to me while BBQing on the roof. Tons of bands on this:::

Side A

Red Mass - too much cocaine
Rape Faction - SUPER FREE
Der TPK - the medieval part II
Blessure Grave - mind & body
Deep Sht - a crystal world
front bottoms - mapping hell
Gape Attack! - Oh Katie
grave babies - gouge your eyes out
Warm Hands - cave city

Side B

The Pink Noise - got ghost fingers
Florida + Gary War - W Fire
The Friendly Dimension - world destroyer at 16
Grand Trine - Say It
Holy Cobras - Witches
Kill Squares - Last Time
Melted Sunglasses - Cleopatra aint the only queen of denial
Les Enfants Sauvages - Ocean Cyber Frog

They are 60 minutes long and are gonna be five bucks. JIMV from FNU Ronnies is going to be doing the artwork. Also going to have some copies of the FUTENSIL C16 that came out a few weeks back, and maybe even some copies of the new TEENAGE PANZERKORPS 7", if all goes well. I will update the mail order when we return in June.