Friday, November 12, 2010

Everything is sold out again, other than the Der TPK 7", if you have ordered something and are waiting for it, it is on its way! A lot of copies of the last 4-5 tapes are going out to distros, list will be posted shortly once everything is sent out. Over the next couple weeks we have A TON of really great new releases::

- Rooftop Garden BBQ party vol 1 compilation SECOND PRESS
- Teenage Panzerkorps - kauf nicht von TPK C32
- Teenage Panzerkorps - German Reggae C34
- Teenage Panzerkorps - German Reggae T-Shirts
- Teenage Panzerkorps - XMAS GIFT PACK
- Walking Corpses C10 (members Der TPK, ex members SPK, Death in June, NON, etc)
- Rape Faction - future brain C30
- Red Mass - Scars C30 repress
- Les Enfants Sauvages - Secret Chiefs C16 (old copies found)

Also: there will be a TEENAGE PANZERKORPS XMAS GIFT PACK !!! these will be SUPER limited to 10 copies, and have the following items:

-Here Come The Warm Tanks 7"
-Here Come The Warm Tanks pin
-German Reggae C34 (bubble case with different artwork)
-Kauf Nicht Von TPK C32 (bubble case with different artwork)
-German Reggae T-Shirt

Pricing will be available on these items shortly. There will be 4 different colours of T-Shirt available: Olive Green, Burgundy, Navy Blue, and Beige. There will be 30 shirts available.

Stay posted!