Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pop Montreal has been totally nuts, but so fun this year. If you are expecting something, it's getting sent out monday. 2 New tapes have been finished in the last couple days, the HOLY COBRAS - dead bodies float in space C20, and FNU RONNIES - bring raw meat to cook and eat C7. The fnu ronnies tape is some blown out mono versions of some fuckn jammers, im pretty sure one of the guys from homostupids did the original poster we scanned and used for the art.

NZ-032 LTD 50 copies on red tapes

Side A: Laptop vs Beef
Side B: Ain't no Place

I have like 20 copies of this left, the rest are with them on tour. Dates below, more info on the new cobras tape tommorow.

7 Oct @ Mecury Lounge: New York w/ Kurt Vile
8 Oct @ Shea Stadium: Brooklyn w/ TV Ghost - Wizzard Sleeve
9 Oct @ Silent Barn: Brooklyn w/ TV Ghost - Wizzard Sleeve
10 Oct @ Citzens Bank Stadium: Philadelphia w/ TV Ghost - Wizzard Sleeve

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