Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's been a while! lots of stuff going on, just finished a short Ultrathin tour through the north-eastern US. Played with lots of great bands, and had fun with lots of great friends. We did a WFMU session on Jason Sigal's show "TALKS CHEAP" which is available here:

We also made some tour merch that is now going to be available for mailorder. New Ultrathin C-20 with 4 tracks. These are limited 50 copies, hand numbered. NZ-035

A side:

Death Trip
Don't Mess
Eternal Wreckurrence (live in Vermont @ FutureFolkFest)

B side:


A1 and B1 were recorded by Mark, A2 by Mark Montanchez @ CKUT, and A3 by Sigmund Lerner. These are $8 Postage paid in US and Canada. We also have Ultrathin T-shirts of which we made 15 for sale. They are black American Apparel shirts with the white logo (designed by Mark) on them. These are $15 PPD. Sizes Xsmall through Large. To order these, please send an email to so I can make sure we have the right size. Tapes are available on the sidebar.

Lots of exciting new stuff to come in 2010. We are starting to release records under the name NO VACATION ( ). First is going to be the debut 7" from montreals DEAD WIFE. This has allready been mastered and is in production now, expect it in early 2010. After that- new 7" from TEENAGE PANZERKORPS (San Fran\Germany). You can hear a track from the 7" on the myspace.

In cassette news: next up is going to be PIG-MAGNETIC C26 (should be available in the first few days of 2010) and then after that, a re-release of the DEATH DOMAIN \ HIGH MARKS split CS, a WARM HANDS release, another all new DEATH DOMAIN cassette, as well as a compilation tape featuring tracks from GARY WAR, FLORIDA, DEATH DOMAIN, TEENAGE PANZERKORPS, RAPID YOUTH, MELTED SUNGLASSES, DEEP SHT, BLESSURE GRAVE, WARM HANDS, THE PINK NOISE, ULTRATHIN, and more. Next year is gonna be hella-exciting. Happy Holidays and all that jazz.

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