Friday, October 15, 2010


Not wasting any time on pumping out the releases these days:

NZ-042 Dirty Beaches + Hobo Cubes + Street Gnar split with GENERIC SHIT
C-43, limited 100 on clear red tapes.

The A side on this is a collaboration between Dirty Beaches (no introduction required) and Hobo Cubes (Velvet Chrome, head of Hobo Cult Records) featuring Street Gnar on one track. Hazy synthesizer jams. Alex is leaving Montreal in a few days, we are all sad to see him go. GENERIC SHIT is a new project from Philip Tar from MESS FOLK. Insane Noise Grind sludge punk recorded in Sydney, NS, Pollution City. Check out some tracks from this tape on our myspace. These won't be around for too long.

Next up:

Teenage Panzerkorps - Kauf Nicht Von TPK C32


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