Sunday, September 13, 2009

-I finally uploaded a track from the "Interracial Love Triangle" C7 that came out a few weeks ago, it's up on the myspace now. Recorded right before the duo's first show in Ottawa, almost all of the 50 copies have been sold after playing with Smith Westerns and Box Elders. Salad bowl drums, couch and TV on stage, full-blown nudity, wild. Feel the love! These are $3 in person, if anyone is interested in copies, email campaignforinfinity at gmail dot com

-A couple more things coming up soon, a new HOLY COBRAS C20 will be released during POP Montreal Pirates of the Lachine Canal matinee shows at Friendship Cove. Also being recorded right now is a new WASTED NYMPH C20. More details to follow

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