Wednesday, September 9, 2009

-Red Mass - Scars first run is now gone. Some copies are available at Cheap Thrills(in montreal) and mail order will be available shortly in Europe through P-trash, and Florida's Dying will have some copies as well.

-Dead Wife and Ultrathin tapes are almost gone, less than 15-20 copies of each left.

-Added "The Friendly Dimension" C20 and "Les Enfants Sauvages - secret chiefs" C16 on the WFMU free music archive, there should be a link in the upper right corner.


-"The Friendly Dimension" st C-20, as well as the third run of The Pink Noise "gilded flowers" should be available next week for mailorder. "The Friendly Dimension" is Troy Richter (Gilbert Switzer) and Zach Fairbrother (Omon-ra, Hassan I Sabah-X). 5 Originals and 1 Gun Club Cover. You can listen to samples of this on the WFMU FMA page, as well as the myspace.

The Friendly Dimension myspace page

-"Reflektionss - movement" cassette version is the next tape that is going to be released. Reflektionss is Jesse Taylor, from Twin Crystals, Channels 3x4. It is a 9 song full length, following up last years split with N.213, "soft disco" out on Isolated Now Waves.

Reflektionns Link Here

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